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executing social services of facilitating telecom access to bridge the digital divide that exist in Ethiopia.

Tender Notice የጨረታ ማስታወቂያ 

ሕዳሴ ቴሌኮም አክሲዮን ማህበር የሰው፣የተሽከርካሪ እና የሕንጻ የመድን ዋስት ሽፋን በግልጽ ጨረታ አወዳድሮ ለመግዛት ይፈልጋል፡፡ ጫራቾች የጨረታ ሰነዱን ይህ የጨረታ ማስታወቂያ ከወጣበት ቀን  ሚያዝያ 21ቀን 2016ዓ.ም ጀምሮ…

Air Time & SIM Card

We are Ethiotelecom Air time distribute master agent.


d.light solar to fit your needs, from d.light panels to industry-leading high-power module.

Bulk SMS /8520

Bulk SMS. Reach a wide audience at once!.Create Awareness About Your Company.

Garage & Cleaing Service

Dedicated to provide our clients with the most efficient and affordable cleaning and garage services

Services & Products
Provide for You

We are organized embracing dual objectives of business and social motives in a unique fashion of hybrid model through a public-private partnership arrangement

Join Us and Achieve Business Goal

Those who want to benefit from the growing telecom and technology sector in our country Individuals and organizations can buy shares of our company and share in the profits inviting us

Happy Agents
1000 K+
Share Holders
1800 K+
1800 M+

Business plan

Company Business Plan

Supply standard modern telecom service and products to the society with affordable price.


a mobile payment service developed and was launched by Ethio telecom

Mobile Air Time

Ethio telecom Air time distribute master Agent

Dedicated Support

Ethio telecom Air time distribute master Agent

Quick Turnaround

More than 800 shops across the country

Feed Back

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Our Team

Our Professional Team

Kumneger Dereje

Kumneger Dereje

Nebiyu Getahun

Nebiyu Getahun

Head- IT
Zeriyhun Ayana

Zeriyhun Ayana

Head, Sales & Marketing
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